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To celebrate our one-month anniversary since the official launch of littlehipstar, we invite you to take an insider glance at what, how, and who keeps the wheels turning. Go behind-the-scenes with Ceyda and Nele to discover what makes littlehipstar shine.

What’s behind the brand name and colours?

Ceyda: I wanted to have a brand name that not only described our identity, but that also gave a feeling of contemporary, cool and “hip”. I consider my son my little star, so when you add “hip” to the mix, you get littlehipstar. As for the colors, we wanted to forego the classic blue and pink, and opt for something soft and easy on the eye but at the same time alternative and bold.

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What’s the signature littlehipstar baby look?

Nele: There should be always something an element of unexpected in littlehipstar baby look. It’s all about details: a kitty face on the tights or the back of the cardigan, crosses on the leggings or the out-there fringe on the hat, giving each look that something extra.

What are top 7 pieces on your must-have list from littlehipstar.com?

Ceyda: Definitely, the Louis Louise “Jimmy” shirt, Gray Label baggy pants and a Henley tee, Veja shearling and suede sneakers, the raven-print hoodie from Moi, Nununu star-print pants, and black Mustachifier shades.

Nele: For me, it’s the Noch pom-pom hoodie, the Bobo Choses long-sleeved “Echo” body, Tip Toey Joey brown “Mindy” booties, the fringed knitted hat from Ami Amie, Emile et Ida brown cat-print tights, the reversible deer-print hoodie from Oeuf (so cute!), and the ruffled “Racoon” dress from Soft Gallery.

What pieces does your son/daughter love most from littlehipstar?

Ceyda: Ali is absolutely in love with his LC Walker Giraffe boots from EMU Australia

Nele: For Samira right now, it’s definitely her red Veja sneakers, Nununu leggings and Mustachifier sunglasses, but I’m pretty sure she’ll have some new favourites very soon!

What are the best gift ideas for first birthdays from littlehipstar?

Nele: I think toys, books and accessories are always a great choice. For example, wooden puzzles from Janod or those one-of-a-kind toys from Donna Wilson and Estella NYC, Oliver Jeffers’ books with their amazing illustrations, and ultra-hip hats from Japanese brand Ami Amie. Kitty hats and tights from Emile et Ida also make a charming gift.

What are the 5 things you can’t live without?

Ceyda: My phone, my jeans, my sneakers, sunglasses, espadrilles if it’s summer, and a beanie if it’s winter.

Nele: My sunglasses, my phone, my headbands/hats, online shopping and, of course, coffee!

 And last but not least, what are the next baby steps for littlehipstar?

Ceyda: We strive to have the most user and customer-friendly website in this market, so we will always be working on optimizing our website and services for the best possible experience for everyone. We will also be adding new brands along the way, and plan to grow in age-offering in the coming years, along with our own little hip stars.

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