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Pumpkins of all sorts and sizes? Check! Enough candy and chocolate to make every dentist faint? You got it! Halloween costume for your kid? That’s where quite a few would pause and swallow loudly.

Does this sound familiar? Somehow, most people find the time to accumulate everything you that spells Halloween months in advance– glow in the dark masks, a year supply’s worth of Haribo, fake cobwebs and spiders – but the costume question remains unresolved up until the very last minute. Then, amidst “sold out” labels on everything that looks remotely wearable on somewhat dubious online sites and aggressive bickering in the stores, panic starts to rise. I mean, let’s face it. Who can really deal with tear-filled puppy eyes of little Sam or Sally when mommy and daddy tell them that they have to wear an old bed sheet to mimic Casper the Friendly Ghost?

We don’t offer last-minute Halloween costumes for kids in our littlehipstar selection. What we do offer is advice on top five DIY outfits that are sure to give you a huge sigh of relief.

Get your freak on with…

1. The Skeleton

Easy DIY Sceletal Costume

Photo © Kersey Campbell / andweplay.com

This one is sure to become an instant favorite – the epitome of Halloween spirit ready in minutes. According to the blogger Kersey Campbell, who thought this all through when her four-year-old decided he wants to be a skeleton (only to change his mind all over again), all you need is black leggings and a long-sleeved black top (black socks and gloves, too, if you’re into details!) Pick up some white duct tape, cut it into strips and stick it on as a rough imitation of skeletal structure. Voila! Easy-peasy-perfect! Read the full article accompanied by even more “spooky’ pictures here.

2. The Monster Mask

DIY Monster Mask

Photo © Daniel Montoya / mom.me

There’s probably nothing more simple and more eye-catching than a paper mask done right! What you need: paper plates, straws, colored paper, acrylic paint and paintbrushes. And, of course, scissors and glue! Cut the plate in half and get painting. You can also add extra features with the colored papers or any other embellishment you find in your drawers.

Get inspired with even more motif and themes at mom.me.

3. The Vampire Diaries

DIY Halloween Vampire Costume

Photo © Andrea Potocki / wlkmndys.com

Next in line of gruesome mythical creatures comes the bloodthirsty vampire. All sharp incisors, sunken eyes and pallid complexion, this will probably get top rating on the easiness scale. Get equipped with a piece of cloth for a cloak, some costume make-up and take a look at the how-to instructions of Andrea Potocki on her blog wlkmndys.com

4. The Lion(ess)

Halloween Lions Costume

Photo © Sheree Cummerford /captainandthegypsykid.com

Who says Halloween has to be only about scary monsters and ghastly vampires? This lion outfit is sure to steal the scene; all you need to add is a practiced roar! While it takes a little bit more time and patience, stylist and blogger Sheree Cummerford assured that it’s worth the extra effort. Chances are that you already most of what’s needed in your kid’s wardrobe – a pair of identically colored leggings and a long-sleeved top or a long-sleeved jumpsuit in black or brown would do just fine. Then comes the slightly tricky part – fake fur. Available in most department stores, pick your favorite shade and you’re half-way there. Now it’s time for some handiwork – get your sewing kit out and stich the cut-to-measure fur strips to the collar, arms and legs of the selected clothing. For more detailed overview, check out the full article (together with the adorable photos of Sheree’s daughter) on Sheree Cummerford’s blog captainandthegypsykid.com.

5. The Pineapple Princess

DIY Ananas Costume

Photo © Delia Randall / deliacreates.com

Last but not least, we tap into the fruit trend, which shows no signs of slowing down. Not only is this pineapple outfit charming and impossible-not-to-notice, but it’s also exceptionally easy to make – with practically no sewing involved! All you need is a sizeable chunk of felt, permanent markers or paint, a ruler and scissors. For a detailed step-by-step guide, head over to Delia Randall’s blog deliacreates.com.

Whichever costume you pick together with your kids – whether you already have everything prepped and ready for months or getting acquainted with the thread and needle all over again for some last-minute sewing – make sure to send us a photo, and if you have some great Halloween tips, don’t keep them to yourself and share with us!

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