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Potty Humour

We could barely keep ourselves from bursting while watching this! Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi London for Pampers, the slow-motion video of babies in one of their most “high-pressure” moments (otherwise known as pooping), is a hilarious way to bring a breath of fresh air to this taboo topic.

Accompanied by Strauss’ most famed tone, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”, this short film already won a bronze Lion in Film at Cannes, proving that some masterpieces can be on less profound subjects as well.

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A Tribute to All Dads

It’s time to celebrate our dads, for all the precious moments dedicated to us, “for all the times they’ve answered our call…”  We love Dove‘s tear-jerking videos that touch us to the bottom of our hearts, and we are sure you will as well.

Watch them now and take a minute to think of all the good times spent with your fathers.

And to all the new dads around, we would like to offer a small gift* to continue making memories with your little ones!


Best Baby Care Products

Yes, it’s true. Every baby is unique, and every mom has her go-to selection of preferred brands. Of course, trial and error may seem like the only way to go to find what works best. But we thought we’d go ahead and make a fail-proof list of baby care brands the moms and dads we talked to swear by, as a starter guide for young parents looking to build their baby care collection.

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